Setting Up Email On Your Smartphone

For Students

Your Microsoft Office 365 account is used for all student email. In addition, your account includes a calendar, online file storage through OneDrive for Business, and many other features. With Outlook Web App (a version of Microsoft Outlook that runs in your web browser) or by setting up your Smartphone's email application, you can stay in sync with your email from your phone


  1. The first step to enabling mobile access to your Office 365 account is to reset your password from the default password Rhode Island College assigned to you. The default password includes your birth month, birth date, and digits from your student ID # (ex: jan012000). For more information on default student account settings, please click here. We require this password change for security reasons and for the safety of your account information. To reset your password, access Password Station at this link: Outside Link
  2. NOTE: Your password should be a "strong" password containing between 7-16 characters and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Be creative!

    Password Station will reset your password for Office 365, Blackboard, and logging onto computers on campus. Type your user ID as shown in the above image, and then click I Agree.

    • On the following screen, click on the image for Change Password:
    • In the next screen, type your current password into the box next to Old Password, and then type your new password into both boxes labeled New Password and Confirm Password.
  3. Your password for Office 365, Blackboard and logging onto on-campus computers has been changed. The next step is to sign into your Office 365 account from your computer web browser, using your new password.
    • Please note, you MUST sign in to your Office 365email from a computer web browser first, before you can connect your email to your smartphone. You can sign into Outlook Web App by visiting Outside Link and typing your user name and password when the following prompt appears:

    (This prompt is from Internet Explorer 9)

  4. After you have logged into Office 365 from your computer web browser, please visit Outside Link for student-only instructions on setting up your smartphone with Office 365. You will be given the option to select your mobile device from the drop-down menu.
    • It is preferable to set up your Office 365account as a Microsoft Exchange account in order to take advantage of all available features, including real-time pushing of new messages to your device as well as calendar and contact synchronization. Below are the correct general settings for Live@RIC email setup using Exchange:
    • Office 365 Exchange Settings Correct Settings
      User Name
      Server Outside
      Enable SSL encryption? YES
      Domain Leave blank
    • When setting up an Exchange account, your user name is your whole email address ( Depending on your device, it should automatically identify the correct server settings. If not, following the above link will provide you with detailed instructions.

    Your Office 365account should be completely set up, and you should have access to it on your specific mobile device. If you continue to have trouble, please call the Student Help Desk at (401) 456-8886.

    For Faculty/Staff (Using Outlook Web Access)

    Unlike with student accounts, faculty and staff email is hosted at Rhode Island College on an internal Microsoft Exchange server and the settings for student setup will not work. The correct setup procedure for your faculty and staff account will be different depending on what type of mobile device you have. Please select your device from the list below.

    Some phones do not use Microsoft Exchange or ActiveSync and cannot be configured to sync contact and calendar data. For these phones, mail configuration settings for POP and IMAP are provided below. IMAP is generally safer than POP, which may result in the accidental removal of mail from the server. Due to the large number of devices available, our instructions are specific to the operating system of your device, not necessarily the model.

    NOTE: The POP and IMAP configuration settings also work if you have a Multimedia phone.

    Listed below are links and setup information for the college-specific Exchange settings of the five most used mobile operating systems and POP/IMAP settings:

    Android Configuration


    These instructions are specific for the Verizon Wireless Motorola DROID and DROID X. They may work for other Android-based smartphones. If you need assistance, please contact your mobile provider.

    Setting Up Your Motorola Droid or Droid X

    Outside LinkConfiguring your DROID with Exchange (ActiveSync)

    Outside LinkConfiguring your DROID X with Exchange (ActiveSync)



    • RIC\jdoe

    Exchange Server

    • Check the options:
      • Use secure connection (SSL)
      • Accept all SSL Certificates


    Blackberry Configuration


    The email setup on a Blackberry is done via the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) that is mobile provider dependent.
    Go to Outside LinkBlackberry Email Setup and click on the link of your mobile provider and follow the instructions.  Note that you have to create a BIS Email account if you not already done so. If you need assistance, please contact your mobile provider.

    Setting Up Your Blackberry

    The following instructions are for configuring college email access on your Blackberry using Exchange Outlook Web Access (WebMail).

    Outside LinkConfiguring your Blackberry with Exchange (Outlook Web Access)

    Web Access URL

    Username:  RIC\jdoe

    Mailbox name: jdoe


    Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Configuration

    Apple iPhone

    The following instructions are for configuring college email access on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Setting Up Your iPhone/iPod Touch 

    Outside LinkConfiguring your iPhone/iPod Touch with Exchange (ActiveSync)



    • RIC\jdoe

    Exchange Server

    • Check the options:
      • Use secure connection (SSL)
      • Accept all SSL Certificates



    Windows Mobile Configuration

    Windows Mobile

    The following instructions are for configuring college email access on your Windows Mobile device.

    Setting Up Your Windows Mobile Device 

    Outside LinkConfiguring your Windows Mobile device with Exchange (ActiveSync)




    • RIC


    • jdoe


    POP and IMAP Configuration Settings

    The following settings are required to configure your phone for email using POP or IMAP. To be able to reply to and/or send emails the SMTP configuration is used.

    NOTE: We recommend that you do NOT use POP unless you have prior experience with POP configurations. Incorrect configurations may result in loss of emails. Ensure that the POP configuration always leaves a copy of the email on the server.

    Configuration Settings For POP and IMAP


    • Incoming email server (POP and IMAP):
    • Outgoing email server (SMTP):           
    • POP port number:       995 (requires SSL secure connection)
    • IMAP port number:      993 (requires SSL secure connection)
    • SMTP port number:     465 (requires SSL secure connection)

    Authentication is required for both the incoming and outgoing email server.

    Username and Domain:

    Faculty/staff:     ric\jdoe


Page last updated: July 16, 2014