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Please send any additional comments, questions, concerns and suggestions to ricactionplan@ric.edu. Please be as specific as possible when referring to Strategic Plan changes.

Rhode Island College: Affirming our Strength, Building our Future

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Thank you for taking the time to review this first draft of Adobe PDFRhode Island College’s Three-Year Strategic Action Plan, Affirming Our Strength, Building Our Future. Below are links to the Adobe PDFplan in its entirety, along with an Adobe PDFexecutive summary for a quick look at the goals and objectives.


This three-year plan is the result of the dedication of the Strategic Planning Committee, which includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members, who led the process of researching and shaping the institutional priorities for the 2015-2020 period. We have streamlined the focus areas in order to optimize the impact of “RIC Vision 2020” and develop an actionable plan with a three-year timeframe. 

RIC’s Five Pillars

This first draft contains five strategic focus areas, or pillars, in addition to goals and objectives for each: Learning Innovation, Student Success, Inclusive Excellence, Community Partnerships, Institutional Effectiveness. We will incorporate all feedback and reach clarity on the goals and objectives (the “what” of the plan) in order to flesh out the “how.” The next draft will include more specifics on deliverables, assignments, timelines, and performance-based metrics for review.

Strategic Plan Development Timeline:

December 13 – January 20
FIRST DRAFT available online for review and comment.  Please provide feedback by JANUARY 20th.

January 20 – February 23
Feedback reviewed; plan revised.

February 24 – April 30
SECOND DRAFT available online for review and comment.  Please provide feedback by April 30th.

May 1 – June 15
Plan finalized based on feedback. Graphics developed.

July 1
Completed plan made available online and in print.

Adobe PDFRIC Three-Year Strategic Action Plan (DRAFT)

Adobe PDFRIC Three-Year Strategic Action Plan – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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