Certificate of Graduate Study (C.G.S.) in Severe Intellectual Disabilities

This cohort-based program offers teachers who are currently certified as a teacher of students with mild/moderate disabilities an extension of their skills to the skills, knowledge and perspectives they need to effectively support students with severe and complex disabilities. It provides an accelerated path to teacher certification in Severe Intellectual Disabilities.

Susan Dell
Associate Professor
Horace Mann 047
(401) 456-8557

Course No. Course Title Credits
SPED 435Assessment/Instruction: Young Students with SID4
SPED 526Assessment, Curriculum, Methods for Children with Multiple Disabilities3
SPED 436Assessment/Instruction: Older Students with SID4
SPED 520Young Adults in Nonschool Settings3
SPED 665Teaching Internship in Severe Intellectual Disabilities6

Total Credit Hours


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