Bachelor of Science in Special Education

Students are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements; therefore, it is important that students consult with their advisor before registering for courses. Students in the Department of Special Education must also meet the admission and retention requirements of either the elementary education or secondary education program. Once teaching concentration requirements in special education and in elementary and secondary education are completed, students are eligible for a provisional teaching certificate in special education in Rhode Island.

Application and Admission Requirements

  1. A completed special education application form;
  2. a copy of current transcript(s) from Rhode Island College and all other institutions of higher education attended during the last ten years, transcript(s) should document a minimum overall course grade point average of 2.50 in all college course work and including the Special Education 300 or equivalent (department chair approval required) indicating a grade of B- or better;
  3. SPED 300 course artifact and graded Rubric or equivalent course.
  4. One reference letter from a professional documenting the extent and quality of the candidate's experience with individuals with disabilities;
  5. A personal statement describing the candidate's interest in a career teaching candidates with disabilities; this statement must address all content areas listed under the Content/Purpose section of the Career Commitment Essay rubric which is included in these guidelines;
    1. All teacher candidates must attach their personal statement by email to a week prior to submitting their completed admission portfolios. The essay will be submitted to SafeAssign to ensure it is original work.
    2. Students must also include a printed hard copy when submitting their admission material.
  6. A copy of a letter of acceptance to an early childhood, elementary or a secondary education teacher preparation program

The candidate brings their completed admission portfolio materials to the department secretary in Horace Mann 049 for review. No classes will be allowed beyond SPED 310 without admission to the department.

Admission deadline dates: March 1 for Fall, and October 15 for Spring.

Teacher candidates will be assigned an advisor and must schedule an appointment with their advisor as soon as possible to evaluate the completed admission portfolio for final department approval. Only students with final department approval will be allowed to register for classes beyond SPED 310. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline and the candidate must resubmit the following semester.

Retention Requirements

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 at Rhode Island College.
  2. Completion of admission and retention requirements in an elementary or secondary education teacher preparation program.
  3. A minimum grade of B- in all coursework in Special Education, including at least an "acceptable" rating on primary course artifact.
  4. Positive recommendations from all education instructors based on academic work, fieldwork, and professional behavior.

Students must maintain acceptable standing in academic work, fieldwork, and demonstrate consistent professionalism (as described above), or risk suspension and/or dismissal from the Special Education program.

Page last updated: November 25, 2013