Orientation FAQ

Who should Attend?

All first year students and transfer students new to the University are required to attend an orientation session.

May I bring guests to the Summer Orientation Program?

While we recognize that the support of family and friends is critical to your success as a student, we regret that we do not have space to accommodate guests in the residence halls during Summer Orientation.

When is Orientation held?

For students joining the RIC Community in January, 2017
Sessions are currently open for January Orientation:

First-year one day session:
Wednesday, January 4th

Transfer Sessions:
Thursday, January 5th – 8:45am
Friday, January 6th – 8:45am
Friday, January 6th – 4:45pm
Monday, January 9th – 4:45pm

For students joining the RIC Community in the fall of 2017
First-year students are asked to attend one of the following overnight sessions:

  • SESSION 1- May 31st – June 1st
  • SESSION 2 – June 5th – June 6th
  • SESSION 3 – June 8th – June 9th
  • SESSION 4 – June 12th – June 13th
  • SESSION 5 – June 15th – June 16th
  • SESSION 6 – June 19th – June 20th
  • SESSION 7 – June 22nd – June 23rd

Transfer Students are invited to attend one of the following one-day sessions:

  • Transfer 1 – May 17th – 8:30am
  • Transfer 2 – May 18th -  4:30pm
  • Transfer 3 – June 27th – 8:30am
  • Transfer 4 – June 28th – 8:30am
  • Transfer 5 – August 2nd – 8:30am
  • Transfer 6 – August 8th – 4:30pm
  • Transfer 7 – August 15th – 8:30am
  • Transfer 8 – August 17th – 4:30pm
  • Transfer 9 – August 21st – 4:30pm

Where will I stay during Summer Orientation?

All students will stay in Rhode Island College residence halls. Additional information on what to bring can be found below. Please contact the OASIS Office if you live far away and need to come a day early before your Summer Orientation.

Will there be overnight accommodations provided?

Yes, for overnight sessions, all students are required to stay overnight in the residence hall during the orientation program. The overnight stay is an important part of the orientation experience for all students. Sessions will go into the evening hours and early the next day. You will also be developing your class schedule overnight with the Orientation staff and peers. In addition you may enjoy any social events that will be taking place. Lastly, as a guest in the residence halls during the academic year, you will be held accountable for Residence Life policies, regardless of your residency status. This is a perfect opportunity to become familiar with them. Keep in mind that as a student, we want you to feel welcome to all aspects of campus life, whether you are a commuter or resident.

What should I bring to Orientation?

During the Summer Orientation program, all of your meals will be provided. Students attending 2-day sessions in June or August will be assigned a room in the residence halls with all of the Orientation participants.

The items you will need to bring to an overnight Orientation are: 

  • Extra long sheets for a twin-sized bed, blankets or a sleeping bag, and a pillow;
  • A towel and washcloth;
  • All toiletries, including shampoo, soap, hairdryers, and any other personal items;
  • Comfortable clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, jeans, a sweatshirt or light jacket (it can get cool at night), something to sleep in, and sneakers or other comfortable shoes (there will be nothing that you need to dress up for during the program); and
  • An alarm clock
  • You will not need money for anything unless you wish to make purchases in the Bookstore.

For a one-day session:

For transfer one day sessions, please bring with you any information that is relevant to the credits you are bringing to RIC.  Things to think about bringing include: transfer credit evaluations & official transcripts from previous institutions

When and where do I report for my Orientation?

Check-in for Orientation is in Sweet Hall.  Please see the map below for directions:

I'm a First Year Commuter student, am I expected to stay overnight?

Yes, because the June programs run over two days and late into the evening, we require all students to stay overnight.

Do students have to pay to participate in Orientation?

No payment is required at this time. The one time New Student Fee that covers all your costs for orientation will be included in your first bill.

Will I meet with an advisor and have my class schedule completed during Orientation?

Yes! You will go home with your class schedule at the end of the program after meeting with the advising staff and faculty members.

What if I can't attend any of the dates?

You should make every effort to attend one of the June or August Orientation dates if you are a first year or a transfer student. If there is a non-negotiable conflict with all of these dates, please call the OASIS office as soon as possible at 401-456-8083

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact OASIS at 401-456-8083 or orientation@ric.edu.

Page last updated: Tuesday, October 18, 2016