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Campus Spotlights

Anita Duneer

Supported by a grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, Dr. Duneer is helping to expand the conversation on Japanese-American internment during WWII.

Antoinette Gomes

Antoinette Gomes and the Unity Center received a grant from The Rhode Island Foundation to support the college's efforts to advance the equitable treatment of LGBTQ individuals.

Beverly Goldfield

Dr. Beverly Goldfield, Professor of Psychology, works with students Melissa Marcotte, Tabitha Newman, and Lauren Whittle to study early language development.

Breea Govenar

Dr. Govenar, with the help of M.S. student Janis Hall, is researching the impacts of environmental changes on marine invertebrates that live in coastal salt marshes and at deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

Christine Marco

Dr. Christine Marco researches an intervention for adolescent students to improve the quantity and quality of their sleep patterns.

Colleen Marlow

Dr. Marlow and her two research assistants are analyzing human eye movement to better understand how people acquire information from the visual field.

Emily Cook

Dr. Emily Cook and her four research assistants are investigating how an adolescent physically handles stress in important relationships.

Eric Hall

Dr. Hall helps RIC students find career paths in biomedical and biobehavioral fields through the RI-INBRE SURF program.

Glenisson de Oliveira

Principle investigator for RITES (Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Science), Dr. de Oliveira wraps-up and reflects on what contributed to the program’s success.

Jenifer Giroux

Jenifer Giroux makes a difference in the lives of struggling Rhode Islanders through her work at the Outreach Programs.

John C. Williams

Dr. Williams and his students, through an INBRE grant, are able to work on various experiments using microwave synthesis.

Joseph Zornado

Dr. Zornado directs the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) to improve campus-wide collaboration.

Kalina Brabeck

Dr. Kalina Brabeck is working with two students on a project that focuses on Latino immigrant families and studies how the legal status of a U.S.-born child’s parent affects the child.

Keri Rossi-D'entremont

Keri Rossi-D’entremont is working on a project called Self Advocates in Learning (SAIL), which aims to help students at RIC become self-advocates of their own learning.

Patricia Favazza

Dr. Favazza focuses on early childhood special education, training people to work with young children with disabilities.

Paul LaCava

Supported by funding from Baily’s Team for Autism, Dr. LaCava investigates the effectiveness of a video in teaching emotion recognition skills to children with autism spectrum disorder.

Steven Threlkeld

Dr. Threlkeld engages students in scientific and medical research related to the field of Behavioral Neuroscience and is the coordinator for the minor in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Thomas Meedel

Dr. Thomas Meedel, Professor of Biology, imparts his love of scientific research to his students while providing exciting research opportunities.

Tonya Glantz & André Brown

Glantz and Brown talk about the development, implementation, and goals of LEAD (Leadership, Equity, and Advocacy for Dads) a program at the Child Welfare Institute which began in July 2013.

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