Bachelor of Music - Concentration in Music Education

Course Requirements

Adobe PDFSuggested Program of Study BM in Music Education

Course No. Course Title Credits

Music Theory

MUS 230Music Theory I3
MUS 232Music Theory II3
MUS 234Music Theory III3
MUS 236Music Theory IV3

Sight Singing and Ear Training

MUS 113Basic Rhythm1
MUS 231Sight Singing and Ear Training I1
MUS 233Sight Singing and Ear Training II1
MUS 235Sight Singing and Ear Training III1
MUS 237Sight Singing and Ear Training IV1

Music History and Literature

MUS 205Music History and Literature I3
MUS 206Music History and Literature II3
One course from
MUS 310Medieval and Renaissance Music3
MUS 311Music of the Baroque3
MUS 312Music of the Classical Era3
MUS 313Music of the Romantic Period3
MUS 314Twentieth-Century Music3

Class Instruments

MUS 104Class Piano I2
MUS 105Class Piano II2
MUS 106Class Strings1
MUS 107Class Voice1
MUS 110Brass Class1
MUS 111Woodwinds Class1
MUS 112Percussion Class1
MUS 308Fundamentals of Conducting2
Note:(1) All students are required to take Music 169.
(2) Voice majors are required to take MUS 201 and 211.

Applied Music

MUS 492Senior Recital0
Seven Semesters of each of the following groups
MUS 091Student Recital Series0
MUS 161–163Large Ensembles3.5
MUS 270–286 or 288–289Applied Music14
One Semester in a second major ensemble0.5
Note: Students must pass Freshman Applied Music Proficiency upon completion of the first semester of Applied Music.

Related Requirements

Two semesters of either
MUS 164-166Chamber Ensembles (*)2
MUS 268Opera Workshop2
*Keyboard majors may substitute 1 credit hour of MUS 164 for 1 credit hour of MUS 366.

Professional Courses

CEP 315Educational Psychology3
FNED 346Schooling in a Democratic Society4
MUSE 212Introduction to Music Education1
MUSE 412Practicum in Music Education I4
MUSE 413Practicum in Music Education II4
MUSE 414Practicum in Music Education III4
MUSE 424Student Teaching in Music Education10
MUSE 460Student Teaching Seminar in Music Education2

Total Credit Hours


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