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Economics and Finance Department

A college education is only the beginning of a long road that will have countless twists and turns. Most people will change jobs and careers many times. A major in economics / finance provides a good foundation for confronting these changes because it teaches a disciplined way to analyze and to make choices. Here are some other good reasons for majoring in economics / finance.

  • Deals with vital current issues
    Economics / Finance issues fill newspapers and pervade politics - issues like unemployment, growth, pollution, and our international competitiveness. It also deals with business and personal issues like wage rates, the cost of living, and taxes.
  • Popular and prestigious field of study
    Every year thousands of students across the nation choose economics / finance as their undergraduate major. Economics is the only social science with its own permanent federal government agency (the Council of Economic Advisors), and no other social science has a Nobel Prize.
  • Opens up many career options
    Employers often favor economics / finance majors because these students have been through a rigorous educational program. A degree in economics / finance will prove to be a valuable credential.

Page last updated: July 22, 2014