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Standing Council Committee Volunteer Form

The Committee on Committees would like to invite you to volunteer for RIC committee membership.
The deadline for this submission is May 8, 2015
You may refer to the links at left for information about existing committee memberships and to view the Charter and By-Laws.

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Number of years at RIC

Category 1

I will serve on any committee of Council to which I am appointed.

Category 2

I will serve on the committee(s) which I have indicated below:


Please rank your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices from these Rhode Island College Council Committees:

Click hyperlink to learn more about responsibilities and configuration of the following committees

Committee on Academic Advising

Academic Integrity Board

Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Standing Committee

Academic Technology Advisory Committee

Committee on Athletic, Intramural & Recreational Policy

By-Laws Committee

Campus Store Advisory Committee

Committee on College Lectures

Committee on College Mission and Goals

Committee on Convocations

Elections Committee

Faculty Research Committee

Honorary Degrees Committee

Library Advisory Committee

Committee on Online Learning

Student Conduct Board

Committee on Student Life

Traffic and Parking Committee

Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Policy


Category 3

I am willing to chair the committee(s) which I have indicated below:

Category 4

I am not available to serve on a Council committee during the upcoming academic year.


B.  Please identify Council committees on which you have served in the past.
Experience may be important for the Committee on Committees to make good volunteer selections.

Category 5

Student Community Government is not a committee of Council, but I would be willing to serve as a Faculty Representative to Student Community Government.

On behalf of the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 College Council, the Committee on Committees thanks you for volunteering for RIC committee membership!

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