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Council Membership

Executive Committee 2014-2015

Leslie Sevey, Chair
Shani Carter, Vice Chair
Deborah Britt, Secretary
Vince Bohlinger
Suchandra Basu
Nancy Carriuolo, President
Ronald Pitt, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Membership List

Seat Type & Area Last Name First Name Term Expires
A-President Carriuolo Nancy
A-VPAA Pitt Ronald
F-Accounting & CIS Choi Kyungsub 1st 2015
F-Adams Library Weiss Carla 1st 2015
F-Adjunct Union Kaspin Deborah
F-Anthropology Little Peter 1st 2016
F-Art Picard Sara 1st 2015
F-At Large Britt Deborah 1st 2015
F-At Large Sevey Leslie 1st 2016
F-At Large Stokes Judith 1st 2015
F-At Large Carter Shani 1st 2016
F-At Large Gonsalves Neil 1st 2015
F-Biology de Gouvenian Roland 1st 2015
F-Communications Knoth Brian 1st 2015
F-Counseling/Ed Leadership Kunkel Christine 1st 2016
F-Economics & Finance Basu Suchandra 1st 2015
F-Educational Studies        
F-Elementary Education Obel-Omia Carolyn 1st 2016
F-English Bohlinger Vincent 1st 2015
F-Health & Physical Ed Rauhe Betty 1st 2015
F-Henry Barnard School Percoco Vanessa 2nd 2014
F-Management & Marketing Raimondo Marianne 1st 2016
F-History Golden Gregory 2nd 2015
F-Math & Computer Science Wang Bin 1st 2016
F-Modern Languages Margenot Maricarmen 2nd 2015
F-Music, Theatre, & Dance Cardente-Vessella Angelica 1st 2015
F-Nursing Molloy Patricia 2nd 2016
F-Philosophy Smuts Aaron 2nd 2015
F-Physical Sciences Leung Chin Hin 2nd 2015
F-Political Science Linde Robyn 2nd 2016
F-Psychology Ladd George 1st 2016
F-School of Social Work Gushwa Melinda 1st 2015
F-Sociology Chaudhuri Tanni 2nd 2016
F-Special Education Lynch Marie 1st 2016
S-Professional Staff Nightingale Jayne 1st 2015
S-Professional Staff Passarelli Dolores 1st 2014
Student Santurri Jr. Robert 1st 2014
Student     1st 2014

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