Graduate and Professional Schools

Thinking about attending graduate or professional school?

There are many questions to ask yourself as you consider applying to graduate/professional school: These questions include:

The Career Development Center can help you think through these questions. We can also refer you to other on-campus experts who can provide information and assistance that will help you answer your graduate school-related questions.

We invite you to discuss your plans to attend graduate school with one of our career counselors.

To schedule an appointment, stop by Craig-Lee 054 or call 401-456-8031.

For students interested in applying to law school, medical school, dental school, and veterinary school, (these will be individual links within RIC's website) please meet with the designated advisor.

IMPORTANT: the answer to almost any question related to graduate school is, "It all depends!" Every program is different. This means that you will need to ask many questions and collect a significant amount of information before you are ready to make an informed choice.

Page last updated: March 18, 2008