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BE the Brand image

As we update our brand image, we want to hear from you. Give us your feedback on some brand concepts.​


NOTE: This survey is confidential. For your privacy, this survey is being conducted and analyzed by our third-party marketing partner, (add)ventures.
Unfortunately, we cannot personally respond to every comment received through this survey.

Quality education

Affordable tuition

A place that welcomes everyone

These are just a few of the strengths that make Rhode Island College a leading higher education institution.

As we continue to build momentum, we’re examining how we tell Rhode Island College’s story and communicate our unique strengths to others outside of our campus community.​​

Efforts to strengthen our brand do not simply mean new taglines or creative designs. In fact, our brand identity is linked to our purpose, our values, our campus environment and, most importantly, our people.

With the leadership of our creative partners at (add)ventures, we are evaluating what the Rhode Island College brand stands for today. And with the help of each of you, our brand ambassadors, we will work to strengthen and position our brand, and our college, for tomorrow.

Over the course of the next several months, and beyond, we will invite you to “Be the Brand” at Rhode Island College. As the living embodiment of what Rhode Island College is, and can be, you will play a pivotal role in our future success.

Six Phases – Multiple Ways to Participate

During the Discovery Phase, we will gather information to better understand the college’s brand challenges at a deeper level, inspiring strategies to empower our brand and leverage our strengths.

Key actions during this phase:

Brief Survey

In order to gather information about what our campus community believes are Rhode Island College’s biggest strengths, advantages and opportunities, all are invited to take just five minutes to participate in the survey, below, prior to March 11.

This confidential survey is being conducted and analyzed by our third-party marketing partner, (add)ventures. Comments received through the survey will be taken into account as the (add)ventures​ team develops branding and communications recommendations.

Focus Group Sessions

Following the survey, we will meet with key audiences who are familiar with our brand and have a stake in the future of the college. Sessions with current students, faculty and staff, alumni and donors, and prospective students, will seek to uncover ideas that will enhance our opportunities to strengthen our brand.

Sessions with current students, faculty and staff, alumni and donors, and prospective students, helped to uncover strengths and misconceptions and to uncover ideas that enhanced opportunities to strengthen our brand.

Listening Tour

To complement the focus groups and to keep the lines of communication open during this process, we will be talking with our campus teammates at upcoming divisional and department meetings to gauge additional feedback on the strengths and opportunities that we have to enhance our brand. To schedule a visit, or to learn more, email us at

Brand Ambassadors Committee

In order to steward this project through each of the phases and beyond, we will be convening a Brand Ambassadors Committee with representation from each division and key stakeholder group. If you would like more information about the committee, email us at

Based on the insights from the research, the need to reimagine the Rhode Island College brand identity was a clear outcome. The findings reaffirmed the need to create a new mark that has meaning and purpose for the entire campus community, to inspire a feeling of confidence and pride that represents the brand positioning.  

As a result, our (add)ventures partners worked to develop brand messaging, logo redesigns and creative campaign directional designs. For more information, email us at  


During this phase, (add)ventures will utilize a mix of testing methods to obtain feedback on several brand identity concepts, taglines as well as conceptual marketing directions (e.g., campaign headlines, ad-like objects). This approach will include an online survey to reach a broader audience, layered with on-campus intercepts to gather qualitative inputs.  

We will use an online survey to engage a broad audience, including external stakeholders, to gather feedback on potential creative concepts. The survey questions will be more pointed than those asked during the Discovery Phase in order to elicit very specific feedback on creative variables such as messaging, colors, photography and more. We’ll also include questioning that will help us gauge the effectiveness of the various concepts to ensure we’re staying aligned to brand and business goals.  

During this phase, we will engage even more partners, including parents, high school teachers and guidance counselors, donors and community partners in an effort to understand if our messages resonate with our goals to increase awareness of the college, engagement with key stakeholders and recruitment and retention of our students.  


After the Concept Testing Phase concludes, we will support our (add)ventures team as they analyze the feedback in order to refine the brand identity concepts. This phase of work will include the visual expression and creative development of the advertising campaign including content messaging and headline development for the select target audiences.  


By the Design and Production phase, we will be in the home stretch! We will be finalizing content, messaging and design as we prepare to launch reintroduce Rhode Island College to our community.  


During this phase (add)ventures will work in partnership with Rhode Islnd College to develop a plan that outlines recommended multimedia marketing strategies to launch and communicate our new brand. The months of discovery, concept testing and creative design will culminate in the launch of the new brand and a new way of sharing the strengths and attributes of Rhode Island College.  


Check back regularly for future updates about our progress and additional ways you can participate. If you have questions at any phase of this process, email us at​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​ 


Page last updated: October 05, 2019