d'Ann de Simone

October 4 - 24, 2012

d’Ann de Simone, gaia theoria

Opening Reception: October 4, 2012, 5:00 pm

My work reflects increasing anxiety over the state of American culture, its impact upon the global environment and upon other countries. How many more species will disappear before we do something about global warming? How many more antibiotics can be ingested before we mutate the ecosystem? The work also reflects deep ambivalence towards technology.

Currently, there are two primary sources of imagery that are consistently used throughout my work: maps and Chinese paper cuts. Maps are objective records of place and time, but also record the history of humankind's need to understand and psychologically dominate the environment.

The second source is Chinese paper cuts. The art thus brings East and West together by blending imagery from both cultures and "mapping" out a new terrain.

de Simone is a Professor of Art in the Department Art, Art History and Design at Michigan State University.

Focus Gallery: Monique Rolle Johnson

Monique Rolle Johnson, Four Women

Woman is a collection of works by Monique Rolle Johnson that focuses on the commonality of women, their strengths, endurances, burdens, and triumphs. The exhibition uses symbolic images of women as a platform to explore the universal themes of tragedy and triumph. Johnson's work is best defined by its brilliant colors that saturate her surfaces. The rhythmic patterns she employs are suggestive of her Caribbean roots. This is important to note, as there is a duality in the work that suggests a spiritual formalism based on a sophisticated reality.

Johnson has received degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and the College of the Bahamas. Her works are in numerous public and private collections.

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