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Katherine Rudolph-Larrea

Alger Hall (ALG) 225
(401) 456-8012
(401) 456-9690

Academic Background

B.A. Barnard College
M.A., M.Phil. Yale University
Ph.D. The Johns Hopkins University

Courses Taught

ARTM 541 Media Aesthetics
PHIL 265 Critical Inquiry:
PHIL 350 Topics:
PHIL 357 Hegel,Nietzsche&19th ct Phil


  • History of Philosophy (especially Descartes and Augustine)
  • Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • Aesthetics (including media and film theory)
  • Feminist Philosophy (including gender studies and cultural studies)

Areas of Competence

  • Phenomenology
  • Psychoanalytic Theory


Book Chapters

"The Respect for Philosophy: Derrida's Reading of Descartes." Nach Derrida.
Dekonstruktion in zeitgenossischen Diskursen. Eds. PeterZeillinger & Dominik
Portune. Wien: Turia und Kant, 2006 (104-115).

"Strange Dreams of Resemblance: Foucault and Descartes." Foucault's Genealogies
(Continental Philosophy -IX). Ed Hugh Silverman. New York: Routledge

"Amerika (Kafka) / America (Baudrillard)" Subjects and Simulations: Thinking the
Ends of Representation. Ed Anne E. O'Byrne. New York: Routledge (forthcoming).

Refereed Journals

"The Linguistic Turn Revisited: On Time and Language." Differences 17.2 (2006):64-95.

"Augustine's Picture of Language." Augustinian Studies. Volume 36, Number 2 (2005):327-358.

"This Body of My Dreams. Descartes on The Body of Language." Differences 8.3
(published Fall 1997): 53-78.

"Descartes's Discourse." Philosophy Today 34 (Spring 1993): 38-51.


"Iris Klein's Women." Feature article on the work of Austrian Artist, Iris
Klein. Wiener Zeitung 14.15 (Juni, 2002): 12

"Frozen Moments in a Virtual Multiplicity." Catalog copy for the Austrian
Painter, Agnes Fuchs. Zuerich, Switzerland: Semina Rerum, 2000.


Completed book manuscript entitled, This Body of My Dreams: Descartes
and Augustine On the Body of Language - Linguistic Constructivism in Historical

Other Academic Publications

"Review of Susan Bordo's Feminist Interpretations of Descartes." Hypatia, A
Journal of Feminist Philosophy. 19.2 (2004): 190-194.

"Das Cartesianische Erbe des Feminismus." Mitteilungen Des Instituts Fur
Wissenschaft und Kunst 57 (Sprache, Korper, und Politik: Neue Ergebnisse der
Feministischen Theorie und Geschlechterforschung) 3.4 (2002): 21-25.

"Philosophy of Existence in Literature and Art." Edinburgh Encyclopedia of
Continental Philosophy. Ed. Simon Glendinning. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University
Press, 1998. 174-181.

"Der Nihilismus und die Illusion des Nationalismus," a translation of Randall
Havas' "Nihilism and the Illusion of Nationalism." Kunst -- Politik -- Technik.
Eds. Christoph Jamme & Karsten Harries. Munchen: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 1992:




External Book Reviewer

Fordham University Press

Selected Presentations

"The Platonic Solids: Between 3 beds: Plato, Rauschenberg, and Testadura's error." Presented at the 30th Annual International Association for Philosophy and Literature Conference.
University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany, June, 2006.

"The Respect for Philosophy: Derrida's Reading of Descartes."
Presented in conjunction with the University of Vienna at the Depot,
Vienna, Austria, July, 2005.

"Shocking Images?"
Presented at the 28th Annual International Association for Philosophy and Literature Conference (Virtual Materialities) as part of a panel I organized entitled Surface and Image in Warhol and Baudrillard.
Syracuse U. and LeMoyne College, Syracuse, New York, May 24, 2004.

"Attention, Inertia, and the Death Drive."
Presented at a memorial symposium on Teresa Brennan's life and work
in New York City at the Stony Brook Manhattan site, Oct. 3, 2003.

"Iris Klein's Dolls: Writing the Pose in Photographic Discourse."
Presented at the 27th Annual International Association for Philosophy
and Literature Conference (Writing Aesthetics).
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, May 28, 2003.

"Judith Butler: With or Against Descartes?"
Presented in German (Judith Butler: Mit oder Gegen Descartes?).
University of Vienna,Vienna, Austria, June, 2001.

"Amerkia (Kafka)/America (Baudrillard)."
Presented at the International Philosophical Seminar Tenth Anniversary Year.
Kastelruth, Italy, July 2000.

"How to See with One's Hands: Tactility, Immediacy, and Memory Loss in Photographic Perception."
Presented at the 24th annual International Association for Philosophy and Literature conference (Crossing Borders).
SUNY at Stony Brook. Stony Brook, New York, May 2000.

"Femininity Exhausts Itself in the End: Freud, the Death Drive,
and the Case of Marie Bonaparte."
Presented at a roundtable on the work of Teresa Brennan at the millennium session of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature.
University of Naples, Italy, January 2000.

"The Dark Continent of Femininity: Marie Bonaparte and Freud on
Becoming Woman or How to Become a Primitive."
Presented at the 23rd International Association for Philosophy
and Literature conference (Postmodern Sites).
Trinity College, Hartford, CT, May 1999.

"Ethics, Being, and Difference."
Presented at the Eastern Division meeting of the American
Philosophical Association.
Washington, DC, December, 1998.

"Varieties of Critique: Structuralism's debt to Descartes."
Presented at a conference on Critique and Deconstruction.
Sussex University, Sussex, UK, July, 1998.

"The Fall of Language in Augustine."
Presented at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meeting.
Philadelphia, December, 1997.

"In the Beginning there was the Word: Augustine's Theodicy in Relation to His Philosophy of Language."
Brown University, Providence, RI, April, 1997.

"This Body of My Dreams: Descartes on the Body of Language."
SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, September, 1996.

"Augustine and Wittgenstein: On the Fictional Nature of Language"
Presented at a conference on Augustine: Memory, Language, and Time.
De Paul University, Chicago, IL, April, 1996.

"Irigaray's Descartes."
Presented at the annual meeting for the Society for Phenomenology
and Existential Philosophy.
DePaul University, Chicago, IL, October, 1995.

"On the Relation Between Gestural and Conventional Languages: A Question of Physiognomy."
Presented at the 19th annual meeting of the International
Association for Philosophy and Literature.
Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania, May, 1995

"Rethinking Husserl's Crisis of the European Sciences:
on the Possibility of a Non-Teleological Science."
Presented at a conference entitled, The Possibility And Form Of The Human And Social Sciences Today, organized under the auspices of the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin Für Sozialforschung.
Castel di Tusa, Italy, February, 1993.

"Narcissism: Pain, Pleasure, and the Genesis of the Object Relation." Presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology
and Existential Philosophy.
Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, October, 1992.

"Descartes's Discourse."
Presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.
University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, October 1991

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