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BCI (Background Criminal Investigation)

All students who intend on applying to the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) and all enrolled undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates are required to submit BCIs at various times prior to graduating. BCI reports are valid for one year. Candidates’ BCIs must valid for the time in which they will be in the field.

Application and entry into the FSEHD

Students must submit a BCI to Mrs. Dottie Grady, Horace Mann Horace Mann 105.

Prior to all Observation and Practicum Experiences

Teacher candidates must submit a copy of their BCI to their course instructor and a copy to the school or district in which they will be serving for observation and practicum. Candidates are not permitted to begin their observation or practicum without submitting a current BCI to the appropriate school or district contact.  Practicum course instructors are provided with updated BCI school/district preferences and contact lists so that candidates know to whom their BCI should be submitted. The appropriate lists can also be found here:

Prior to Student Teaching

Candidates must submit a current BCI to Tami Mildner, Coordinator of Partnerships and Placements, Horace Mann 102, prior to student teaching.  The deadline for submitting a BCI for student teaching is posted on the RIC website:
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Obtaining a BCI

There are two ways for candidates to obtain BCI’s:

1. Candidates can apply for and receive the BCI report through the FSEHD during the early fall and spring semesters at times to be announced on the FSEHD home page.

Candidates present:

  • Completed Adobe PDFAuthorization Form
  • A check for $5.00 payable to "BCI"
  • A copy of photo identification containing the date of birth (for example, a copy of driver's license (front and back), passport or other government-issued identification).

Candidates then pick up their BCI reports in Horace Mann 105 seven to ten business days after submitting their materials.

2. Candidates can obtain BCIs anytime throughout the year directly through the Department of the Attorney General.  This is a faster way for candidates to obtain their report.  The Department of Attorney General, Bureau of Criminal Identification located at 150 South Main Street, Providence, RI 02903.  Candidates should consult the website for current hours of operation, cost, and processing time.  Outside Link

For Information Regarding BCI in the FSEHD

Students applying to FSEHD:

Candidates preparing to enter practicum:

  • Contact their practicum course instructor.

Candidates preparing to enter observation and/or practicum:

  • Contact the course instructor.

Candidates preparing to student teach:

  • Contact Ms. Tami Mildner, Coordinator of Partnerships and Placements, or 456-8114.
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